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Policy & Regulations:

We are beyond thankful for our clients and love each and every one of you! We do still use regulations to keep everything flowing smoothly for our stylists here at BBB. 

Our clients will always be our first priority but, our time matters behind the chair. Thank you everyone for understanding this policy as we understand things happen, we still enforce our regulations.

No show fee

This fee is 100% of your booked appointment total. Your stylist will send you an invoice via phone or email. You will have 24 hours to complete this payment.

We kindly ask our clients to avoid bringing children to their appointments. While it is not mandatory, we want to ensure that our clients have a pleasant and relaxing experience. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation fee

This fee is 50% of your booked appointment total. This fee is also sent via email or phone as an invoice from your stylist. 

What Our Clients Say


Satisfied client stated: 

"I absolutely LOVE going to see Abbey. I can not wait to see her grow and open her salon this year! She is a rock star."
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